Don’t worry about putting down a deposit to get your electricity on. Get your electricity cut on as quick as today without signing a contract or undergoing a credit check. At We provide our customers with the lowest prepaid electricity rates for both residential and commercial services.

What is Prepaid Electricity?
If you are a Texas resident and need power cut on quickly without all of the hassle, prepaid electricity is the best option for you. Power 2 Prepay is the number source to compare prepaid electricity rates in Texas.

You can have your electrical services activated as soon as today with no deposit or credit check

Reasons to Go With Prepaid Electricity
Here at Power 2 Prepay, we allow you to instantly compare the rates of the most trusted prepaid electricity providers for commercial and residential services. Many Texas residents are turning to prepaid electricity for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common ones are listed below:

  • No Deposit – If your credit has not been established or is damaged many electricity providers are going to want a deposit before you can get services through them. However, prepaid electricity allows you to get electricity without paying a deposit.
  • No Credit Check – If you have been turned down by electricity companies because of flaws in your credit consider prepaid electricity packages and skip the credit check.
  • No Contract – Prepaid plans allow you to be flexible. Never have a contract for your electricity services again. Instead, pay-as-you go on a month-to-month basis.
  • Everyone Is Approved – Never worry about being denied electricity services because with prepaid electricity everyone is approved since no credit check is performed.
  • Same Day Activation – Prepaid electricity is fast and convenient. Some customers have had their services activated within two hours.